Insane Ramblings 104 – The Kirsty Experiment


  • Ben sleeps on expensive Fairtrade sheets… ladies.
  • Kirsty can hook us up with a guy who plans supermarkets.
  • Kirsty receives her first dick pic and Googles ‘selfie boobies’.
  • Ben contributes his first idea to the Ideas Boom.
  • Kirsty joins Tinder and goes on a very classy date of drinks in the park.
  • Kirsty goes on another date and pets a mangy cat.
  • The Bachelor deals with plane crashes and cankles.
  • Ben gets to say ‘I told you so’ after Vicki sleeps till 3.

Hear the episode on the Insane Ramblings website or click here for more Insane Ramblings episodes

Still want more? Kirsty also has a recurring segment on Insane Ramblings called The Kirsty Experiment where she reveals her craziest dating stories. Check out those episodes here. (You can skip to the end of those episodes to hear her but why would you when the rest of the show is so good!).

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