Payne in the Pod 72 – An Aussie’s Take on Reality TV

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Kirsten (Kirsty) Moore has found an outlet for her addiction to reality TV. A few years ago, she began a podcast called Reality TV & Me, which gives listeners an Australian’s perspective on some favorite American reality shows, with a focus on Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise.

A Ten-Year Fascination with Reality TV

Ten years ago, Kirsty was diagnosed with spinal cancer at the age of 21. Throughout surgery, recovery, and rehab, Kirsty couldn’t do the typical 21-year-old activities with her friends. Reality shows helped fill the void during this difficult stage of her life. Her first “reality show love” was Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, quickly followed by the Real Housewives franchise and a whole host of reality shows that have come on air over the past several years.

Although halfway across the world, Kirsty and her fellow Australians find ways to watch their favorite American reality shows (including the Hayu platform). Their initial attraction to these shows stems from the shows’ wild and unbelievable characters. Kirsty prefers American reality shows, which she believes to have a bit more class.

Kirsty decided to turn her obsession into a podcast. A few years ago, Kirsty began to produce Reality TV & Me in London while she was writing a book. She found that the podcast was a much-needed outlet from the draining process of writing. Since then, she continues to evolve and improve her podcast craft.

American Versus Australian Reality TV

Australia has also begun to air its own reality shows. Kristy is a huge fan of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Melbourne, which follows a group of ladies that Kirsty calls “bogans”—the Australian version of American “rednecks.” She thinks that these wacky, hysterical ladies are most similar to the Real Housewives of Dallas. She’s particularly intrigued by their “unique” fashion statements.

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Kirsty’s Podcast Recommendations

Kirsty has a range of favorite podcasts, including:

The Doctor Drew Podcast, which covers mental health issues.

Insane Rambling, her brother’s podcast that airs every fortnight (i.e., once every two weeks).

My Dad Wrote a Porno, an absurdly funny exposé on the writings of an older British gentleman.

Pink Shade with Erin Martin, with Mary Payne as a frequent co-host.

Office Ladies, recapping every episode of the hit American TV show, The Office.

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