Know That 11: Honestly, I’ve Retired My Mouth

Karen’s mouth might be on strike, but we are putting ours to good use with the hilarious and effervescent Kirsty Moore from the Reality TV & Me podcast! Kirsty joins Anthony, Donny, and Quin to discuss Whitney and Lisa’s face-off over Tequilagate in Salt Lake City and ponder the rules of privacy and trust when it comes to accessing a partner’s phone, as well as the Shyamalan-esque twist that revealed Meredith and her husband are already separated! Then they break out their ball gags and baby oil and head over to Portugal, where the Potomac women are FEELING themselves. but apparently not feeling Karen’s hat photos for Robyn’s website. Kirsty and the boys also share their thoughts on Candiace’s husband’s favorite candy, further dig into Ashley’s shrewd move to help Monique, and they all celebrate the emerging star that is Wendy

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