The Hidden Entrepeneur Show with Josh Cary – From Gutter to Glitter: The Battle Against Addiction with Kirsten Moore

Picture waking up in the gutter, battling the demons of addiction, mental illness, and turbulent self-worth. That’s the raw, untamed narrative we unpack with Kirsten Moore, author of the ground-breaking memoir Gutter Glitter. Kirsten courageously shares her journey of surmounting these hurdles, discussing the pivotal role of a supportive community, a disciplined routine, and her experience with rehab.

The conversation takes a candid turn as we explore Kirsten’s struggle with sex and love addiction, her battle with codependency, and her soul-searching journey to self-discovery. Her resilience seizes center stage as she illuminates her healing process, the indispensability of humor in her recovery, and the relentless pursuit of mental health maintenance. Unraveling the layered complexities of Kirsten’s tale, we also touch upon the ubiquity of phone addiction and the everyday vices we resort to in search of solace. This episode is a testament to Kirsten’s unwavering strength and ongoing healing quest. Let Kirsten’s inspiring recovery journey usher you toward surmounting your battles.

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