Gutter Glitter

Gutter Glitter

Gutter Glitter, the debut from author Kirsten Moore is an autobiographical memoir that follows the significant mental and physical challenges she faced from her teen years to early thirties. From anorexia to a spinal cancer diagnosis that leads to a serious opioid addiction. Her history with mental illness is compounded when she experiences three significant losses within six months: the death of her best friend, the disappearance of her father, and the heartbreak of her first love. Ultimately, Gutter Glitter chronicles Kirsten’s journey from insecure, anxious child to a woman who is unafraid of standing in her power.

Each episode Kirsten will read a chapter from her book, followed by an intimate chat with a close friend or family member. Will their account of this often-difficult journey align with Kirsten’s recollection? How does her mother reconcile the lying and shame that surrounded her drug abuse? And what does Kirsten’s life look like today?

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